ICdoc Overview


The documentation system ICdoc® (Intensive Care Documentation) was developed by the Österreichisches Zentrum für Dokumentation und Qualitätssicherung in der Intensivmedizin (ASDI) in cooperation with büll informatik gesmbh. The system includes many functions that allow the user to document the patients’ data, especially in intensive care units. The system is able to calculate a variety of indices: e.g. SAPS II, SAPS 3, SOFA, TRISS and APACHE II as indicators of the severity of illness or TISS-28 as an indicator of the level of care.


ICdoc is not only a documentation system, but also integrates a complete data analysis module. Important numbers, such as the percentage of occupied beds, the number of patients per diagnostic group, or the level of care, can be displayed with just one click, either as report or graph. Because of the included report generator, it is easy to print these reports and to use them for managerial purposes.


Besides the preconfigured reports, ICdoc offers the opportunity to generate user-configured reports. Assistance with user configuration is provided by the “Export-Wizard”. This option is most useful for those users who need a special arrangement of data, e.g. for a scientific project. In addition, ICdoc provides several interfaces for importing and exporting data from and into other software systems. Thus, demographic data and laboratory tests can be automatically imported from hospital information systems.

Available languages

ICdoc and all his components have been developed multilingual. This includes the user documentation and all available reports. For come countries we have developed specific modules, depending on their legal situation. At the moment, ICdoc is available in the following languages: German, English and Portuguese.

The ASDI Benchmarking Projekt

• Compare yourself with other ICU’s within your range
• External Quality assurance by comparison of similar ICU’s
• Database with nearly 200.000 patients and over 1.3 mio. documented bed days
• Anonymized export and evaluation of your data.

Scientific management

The scientific management for the development of ICdoc is done by the Österreichisches Zentrum für Dokumentation und Qualitätssicherung in der Intensivmedizin (ASDI).