büll informatik gesmbh

We have more than 15 years of experience in the development, introduction and adjustment of software products for the manufacturing industry. A decisive factor in this respect certainly was our origin as a spin-off of the Institute of Production Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology. By continuously maintaining and promoting our contacts with the Vienna University of Technology we are able to adequately implement the latest trends for our customers.

For more than 10 years, the experience gained from these contacts has also been successfully used for software solutions in the fields of hospital organisation and medical benchmarking. With regard to medical issues, we receive valuable assistance from our partner, the Austrian Centre for Documentation and Quality Assurance in Intensive Care Medicine (ASDI).

In accordance with our motto “You have the idea, we develop the solution”, we develop, together with our customers, individual software solutions whose special quality is based on the integration of interdisciplinary expertise.

Comprehensive quality guidelines and the use of modern development systems combined with our own CASE*Tools, which we have developed specifically for this purpose, ensure that the value of our customers’ investments is secured in the long term. In this respect, special importance is attached to integrating new software components into the customer’s existing infrastructure. Thus we try, for example, to provide database independent development solutions, in order to minimise our customers’ maintenance effort. We consider the support provided to our customers after successful implementation of our solutions and the ongoing adaptation of our products an important part of our corporate philosophy, which is reflected in all our activities. Click here to view our quality policy.