The Project

ITCP” (international traumatic coma project) is a database for patients with traumatic brain injury. Data on patients, trauma mechanism, preclinical status and treatment, CT findings, surgical treatment, intensive care, and outcome are collected. ITCP has been used for a number of scientific projects that were done in Austrian, Central and South European centers. Until now (Feb. 2007) data on 1181 patients with severe traumatic brain injury have been entered into ITCP. Thus, ITCP is one of the largest databases of patients with severe traumatic brain injury worldwide. For further information see

The Software

ITCP has been developed for the International Neurotrauma Research Oraganistation

ITCP V1.4.1 Download
Firebird Databasefirebird.exe
(ca. 2,7 MB)
Release Notes: Versions and informationsITCP_Release.rtf
(ca. 40 KB)
ITCP Setup fileITCPSetup.exe
(ca. 6 MB)

Important: This application can only be operated after beeing activated by the International Neurotrauma Research Oraganistation.