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1. Authorisation:

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2. Using the Website:

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3. Registration, Password:

Some pages of the büll informatik website may be protected by a password. In the interest of business exchange security these pages can be accessed only by registered users. “büll informatik” is not obliged to grant registration. “büll informatik” also reserves the right to add the registration function to websites that were previously freely accessible and revoke access rights by locking access data even without having to specify on what grounds.

If registration is required, all information provided is to be accurate and truthful and “büll informatik” is to be notified forthwith of any alterations that are made later. To enable “büll informatik” to contact you please ensure that you actually receive the emails which are sent to the email address specified by you.
Legally binding declarations from “büll informatik” may (unless a request in writing is required explicitly) be sent by “büll informatik” to the e-mail address specified at the time of registration. These take effect immediately on entering the user’s mailbox.
Once registration is complete you receive a user name that corresponds to your e-mail address and a password of your choice (= access data) if available.
Your access data enables you to make use of services offered within the scope of the website (e.g. place orders) and submit other legally binding declarations. There is no further authorisation through an additional signature or other codes, unless stipulated expressly by “büll informatik” on a case-to-case basis. Anyone who receives authorisation by entering the access data is (irrespective of their internal legal relationship with the respective user) entitled by “büll informatik” to submit legally binding declarations for the user. “büll informatik” is not obliged to carry out any further examination of the authorisation.
The user is obliged to treat his or her access data as confidential. The user is liable for any attributable losses including consequential losses suffered by “büll informatik” or third parties due to authorised or unauthorised use of access data, in particular as a result of inadequate confidentiality or disclosure to third parties.

The user has the possibility to have his or her access data suspended (registration deleted) and is obliged to do so if he or she suspects that they could fall into unauthorised hands. The suspension (deletion) is to be carried out immediately and electronically by the respective user or by sending an e-mail to office@buell-informatik.at and additionally in every case by telephone on +43 (1) 6991430-0; the customer acknowledges that the suspension is possible only during “büll informatik” regular office hours (Working days, Mon to Fri from 8:30am to 5:00pm CET). “büll informatik” is not obliged to examine the identity of a person requesting suspension.

“büll informatik” will then delete all user data and any other personal data relating to you. Should the deletion have an effect on an ongoing contractual relationship, the contractually agreed contents shall apply.

4. Intellectual Property:

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5. Using the Logo:

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