At the beginning of the year, ICdoc® is extended with functions allowing the documentation of burn trauma.


ICdoc® becomes multilingual. In May this year, the whole product range of ICdoc® including installation environment, report generators, chart generators, help systems, etc. is issued for the first time in a multilingual version. The first additional language is English.
At the end of June, our website is completely re-designed and re-launched in German and English.
At the end of the first quarter, all Oracle-based products are extended with a direct connect function, so that these products can now be used on clients without additionally installed Oracle environment.
In the context of the ASDI Benchmarking Project, the data analysis for the reporting year 2006 reveals a new record high. 65 national and international intensive care units participated in this multicentric study.
By the end of the year, we could complete the Portuguese version of ICdoc®.


ICdoc® is extended with a new interface, which enables the system to capture the “billable individual medical services” for each day and transmit them automatically to the hospital information service for further settlement.
New score in ICdoc®: SAPS3.


The intensive care bed management system RIBM© (Rettung Intensiv Betten Management) is completed and delivered to the Vienna Hospital Association and the Vienna Ambulance Service. The system offers a solution which allows to enter information about free beds available at intensive care units of Viennese hospitals over a Web surface and use the Web to make this information available to the central office of the Vienna Ambulance Service for further use.
As of October, Dr. Christian Sekerka represents the company as its sole managing director.
Büll informatik discontinues the distribution and support of proALPHA®. All operations in this field are handed over to proALPHA Software Austria GesmbH.


New interface for ICdoc®: from now on all data relevant to the performance-oriented hospital financing system can be automatically reported to the hospital information system for further settlement. This interface was developed for the hospital information system of the Vienna Hospital Association and for all hospitals working with SAP®¬-IS-H.
Büll informatik develops and releases the first fully automatic interface based on HL7 for the transfer of demographic data to ICdoc®.
The company develops and releases the first fully automatic interface for the transmission of laboratory data from the IT-supported central laboratory to ICdoc®.
Mobile order picking of goods for proALPHA®: this additional functionality enables the acknowledgement of stock withdrawals in proALPHA® by means of a portable bar code scanner. All current picking lists including the necessary requirements are displayed for the selected order picking area. Each article removed from its place of storage is verified by reading in its bar code. In case of deviations in quantity, the quantity actually removed can be entered manually. By confirming the data that have been entered the withdrawal is automatically posted to proALPHA® and the next requirement on the selected picking list is displayed. Hence, material supply planning is always based on current stock data and necessary orders are initiated in due time. Moreover, the number of documents in circulation can be significantly reduced and warehouse staff can be supported in the performance of their tasks.


ICdoc® becomes UNC compatible and supports all modern Windows operating systems. From now on, it is no longer necessary to install the application on individual workstations. It can be installed centrally on a server and can be called up by several clients.
The ICdoc® infection documentation function is completely revised and adjusted to the European HELIX standard.
Mobile data collection for proALPHA®: This additional functionality enables the acknowledgement of material slips or the confirmation of time data in proALPHA® by means of a portable bar code scanner. The order notes are captured by scanning the bar code of the relevant material or job ticket, complemented with quantity and time data and automatically posted to proALPHA®. The mobile capturing of operational data allows a considerable reduction of the effort needed to acquire confirmation data. At the same time, the on-line posting of data ensures the timeliness of stock and confirmation data.


To enable the operation of ICdoc® in Italy, the application is extended with the Italian ICD-9.
We develop the first fully automatic interface for the transfer of demographic data to ICdoc® for the Austrian social accident insurer AUVA.
Our co-operation with Comdata Systemhaus enables us to realise an interface between ToolManager© and the GoélanV4 CADCAM system.
The International Traumatic Coma Programme ITCP© is developed and released for the INRO (International Neurotrauma Research Organization).


ICdoc® is extended with functions allowing the documentation and analysis of nutritional parameters.
A new ICdoc® module enables the recording and analysis of nosocomial infections during a stay at an intensive care unit.
In co-operation with the Institute of Production Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology and several equipment manufacturers, we develop the MDX specification for ENGEL, which supports the exchange of data between distributed applications in the production sector.
At the Ifabo/Vienna fair, büll informatik presents the I2X XML data hub and the I2X-based machine visualisation function.
ALD Aichelin/Mödling is provided with an individually adjusted version of our operational data collection system.


Austria introduces a new medical diagnose documentation system for hospitals. In order to meet the requirements of the new system, the ICdoc® diagnose catalogue is changed from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
As a result of an agreement between CIM GmbH and büll informatik GmbH, the functionality of the CIMSOURCE Global Tool Information system is also available to ToolManager© users.
By means of a SINCOM interface, Siemens NC controls can be easily integrated into the corporate IT system. The SINCOM interface is also available for the ToolManager© software.
büll informatik starts to develop an integrated shop floor solution for ENGEL Maschinenbau: After a thorough analysis of the supplier market, we are assigned the task of realising the project on the basis of the solution presented by us and our experience in the field of integrated shop floor solutions.
The Vienna Pensioner Residences Fund tasks us with database maintenance services for its warehouse management system under Oracle®.


The parameters recorded with ICdoc® at intensive care units are for the first time subjected to a multicentric analysis. In the context of this study, which is conducted under the medical supervision of ASDI, the participating intensive care units are compared with regard to their performance. The data are centrally analysed and sent to the participating units. 13 Austrian intensive care units participate in this first comparison. At that time, the study was conducted under the name of “Project Intensive 2000”. In the meantime, the name of this multicentric study has been changed to “ASDI Benchmarking Project“.
In April, the Vienna Hospital Association receives its first partially automated interface with the Hospital Information System (KIS) in order to transmit demographic data to ICdoc®.
Dr. Christian Büll resigns as co-managing director and Dr. Karl Hammerl is appointed as his successor.


In Austria, the continuous documentation of certain performance parameters of general intensive care units is extended to neonatology and paediatric intensive care units. ICdoc® is adjusted to these new conditions and is extended with the necessary new functionalities.
The year also marks the start of a long-standing business relationship with the adult education and training institution WIFI Wien, as büll & partner becomes responsible for the university-of-applied-sciences programme in production and automation engineering.
The Vienna Pensioner Residences Fund tasks us with database maintenance services and the maintenance of their payroll accounting system under Progress®.
We develop a software package for administrative room management (room book) under Progress® for Villach Provincial Hospital.


In December, büll informatik gesmbh is founded as the successor of büll & partner oeg by the following shareholders: Prof. Dr. Helmar Weseslindtner, Prof. Dr. Burghard Kittl, Dr. Christian Büll and Dr. Christian Sekerka. Dr. Christian Büll and Dr. Christian Sekerka are appointed as managing directors.
ICdoc® (Intensive Care Documentation) sees the light of day. Our new product was designed and implemented to record specific parameters of a patient’s stay at a hospital’s intensive care unit. These parameters serve to document certain vital parameters and measure performance. The data are collected for later analysis to support quality control at intensive care units.
büll & partner enters into a co-operation agreement with RATH Informatik GesmbH (the predecessor of proALPHA Software Austria GesmbH) concerning the distribution and maintenance of proALPHA® through büll & partner. In addition the company concludes several direct agreements with W.ERNST Informatik Kaiserslautern, the developer of proALPHA®.


On behalf of ABB/Vienna, büll & partner realises the coupling of two real-time database systems for Unilever/Vienna. These real-time systems serve to monitor and control various production processes for the fully automatic processing and refining of foods.


Engel Austria tasks us with the extension of its shop floor control system.
For UNISYS we perform VAX/VMS system support and software development services.


The DNC/MDE project for ABB Verkehrstechnik is successfully completed and delivered to the customer.
On behalf of ABB/Vienna, büll & partner develops a communication system for Patria (Papier und Zellstoff AG), which is used to prepare data taken from the production process and transmit them to the clearing system for further processing.
büll & partner develops a software package for automatic machine status monitoring for the IR3 VCR plant of Philips and successfully delivers it to the customer.
The Danube Hospital/Vienna tasks us with the development of a nursing documentation system for its Department of Dermatology. The package includes patient administration, the administration of oncological examination results, the documentation and analysing of patient-specific examination results, dermatological localisation through graphical objects, the keeping of an electronic guestbook for re-orders and specific statistical analyses for the individual wards. In December, the package is delivered to the customer and is put into operation.


We are tasked by Digital Equipment to perform special VAX/VMS operating system support services for the Vienna Hospital Association, particularly for the Danube Hospital/Vienna and Lainz Hospital/Vienna.


Organisation and delivery of several training courses in system support under VAX/VMS for Digital Equipment.


On 27 February, büll & partner oeg was founded by four staff members (one professor and three university assistants) of the Institute of Production Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology: Prof. Dr. Helmar Weseslindtner, Dr. Burghard Kittl, Dr. Christian Büll and Dr. Roman Huemer. In addition to the provision of scientific consulting services for industrial enterprises, its core business consists of developing customised integrated solutions in the field of computer integrated manufacturing in general, of advising, planning and delivering training courses and seminars, and particularly of developing customised software and putting it into operation on the spot.
Upon its establishment, büll & partner takes over the support of the shop floor control system of Engel Austria – a project, which the founders of the company had developed in the preceding years, still under the direction of the Institute of Production Engineering.

Büll informatik gesmbh
July 2007