Privacy Policy

“büll informatik” agrees to protect personal data which are provided in the granting of access to and use of the website in keeping with legislation.

On the whole the website may be visited without providing information on the identity of the user. For some offers of information we ask our visitors to provide personal information required for certain purposes, such as to be able to send visitors the required information or to enable a registration which is necessary to receive certain information and uses. This information is used exclusively for the purposes specified and we are not entitled to use it for any other purposes except these unless the visitor has granted permission.

To protect personal data against unauthorised or improper access “büll informatik” uses electronic and administrative security measures. Only employees of the company “büll informatik” who are involved in the processing of requests or registrations are granted the right of access to personal data.

“büll informatik” save following personal data of registered users:
Name, address, mail address, phone number, fax number, organisation, date of registration, date of login, name and date of complete contracts respectively name and date of contract offers.

Büll informatik gesmbh
July 2007