Quality policy

We regard quality as an essential factor in shaping the image of our company and hence also in distinguishing ourselves from our competitors. Yet, quality is also a major criterion for maintaining our company’s sound viability. Therefore we attach particular importance to the satisfaction of our customers. With this in mind, we want to optimise our quality in a number of different areas.


We apply high quality standards to all products distributed by our company. This includes both software developed by us and development systems, modules and functional components purchased from sub-suppliers and used for the development of our own products. Therefore we only distribute products manufactured by renowned producers which guarantee their future maintenance and further development. In this way, we are able to achieve greatest-possible customer satisfaction and simultaneously build a strong reference base for new customers.

Customised solutions

Customers are entitled to not just any solution, but the best solution to their problems. However, in following this principle, we also pursue the goal of further enhancing and securing our competitiveness on the market. Each solution to a problem has to be based on the integrated recognition and understanding of internal structures, tasks and requirements, which means that problems have to be identified at their source and possible solutions have to be developed together with the customer. All our efforts are guided by one question: What do our customers need?


The services provided by our company are intended to help our customers to make optimum use of their IT investments, e.g. through user training and hotlines. At the same time, we offer services, such as software installation, which would require an unproportionally high training effort of our customers, if they were to perform such services themselves. We want to provide our customers with all services requested in this context.


The high quality standards applied to our service products are based on a reliable and effective product management function. The individual person enjoying a high degree of autonomy and independence is at the centre of our operations. The individual activities are managed by each employee in accordance with our defined priorities, which in consequence ensures that goals and deadlines are observed in a consistent, reliable and efficient way. This requires a qualification-oriented use of employees in the individual projects and a professionally and socially competent leadership of the project team through the project manager on the one hand, and intensive formal and informal communication within the team on the other.


We want to keep our know-how always at the state of the art. On the basis of this know-how, we will then decide whether a new technology is mature and cost-efficient enough, to provide a real benefit to our customers. Technology should not become an end in itself, and investments in new technologies should only be made, if these technologies can be assumed to be viable.


As a contribution to environmental protection, we want to use as little natural resources as possible. There are, for example, many ways of lowering energy consumption, such as switching off unoperated equipment, switching to newer and hence energy-saving technologies, avoiding unnecessary heating/air conditioning, using remote data processing for delivery and support, ensuring sufficient documentation of programme flow for remote diagnosis, optimising travel routes, etc.

Business performance

We want to provide our customers with cost-efficient products. Particularly in our sector of industry, the loss of a supplier may lead to the full loss of the customer’s investment’s value. And we also want to offer long-term perspectives to our employees. Therefore a positive result is one of the quality goals we pursue with a view to the further consolidation of our business.

None of the quality goals listed above takes precedence over the others, they have to be regarded as equally important to ensuring quality stability!

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July 2007